INEW-2320 Web Analytics


  • Textbook: Electronic Commerce, 7th Ed., Schneider, Thomson, 2007. (ISBN# 978-1-4188-3703-7)
  • Course will use tutorials cost approxatmatley $45 for each long semester.

Tutorials include:

LengthCourse / Title

  • Length / Title
  • 4:27 hr:min / Google Analytics Essential Training
  • 3:37 hr:min / Google Website Optimizer Essential Training
  • 9:02 hr:min / Search Engine Optimization (2006)
  • 2:35 hr:min / eBay for Sellers Essential Training
  • 4:05 hr:min / Building an Online Shopping Cart


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Students will be able to identify Electronic Commerce Legal, Ethical, and Tax Issues..
  • Students will be able to utilize trend analysis to improve electronic commerce website proficiency.
  • Students will be able to independently utilize terminology related to Electronic Commerce.