Is your child ready for a day of fun! Our staff will plan, coordinate, and provide all the provisions needed to give your child a fun-filled day - without you having to worry.


We offer a variety of activities for ages 5-10: pony parties, bouncing jungle gym, t-shirt paintings, art classes, mad science, cultural day trips and more! We are open to your suggestions - we'll plan and coordinate the day to fit your ideas.


As part of our service, we'll provide snacks or meals with your planned activity. Our nutritionist will coordinate the menu with you. Our goal is to offer a healthy and balanced food that fits your planned event. Our catering services are available for events you've put together also!

Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack
Pancakes & More
Choice of fresh fruit
Chicken Wrap
Tortilla Wrap grilled chicken & veggies
Granola Bar

Fruit Surprise
Fresh berries, almonds & melon
Fish Delight
Steamed with fresh veggies
Peanut butter or Cheese Crachers

Cereal Crunch
Choice of berry toppings
Turkey Surprise
Fresh Potatoes
Fruit Bar

We can prepare any special meals or meet your child dietary needs!

Fun Family Activities!

There are many free and inexpensive ways you can spend quality family time together. Here are a few ways:

Owners: Amy & Annie Day Out
Address: 1234 High Hope Drive
Dallas, TX 75202
Phone Number: 123-456-7890

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